Simple Interact, Inc. is an innovative health care product company based out of Dallas, TX. We market a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, ultra cool "Patient Relationship Management" solution by the same name.


Bring positive change to the health care industry by building mutually beneficial relationships between health care providers and their patients.


  • Be the preeminent "Patient Relationship Management" solution of choice for providers, patients, and staff.
  • Employ timely "Patient Engagement" strategies to improve patient experience before, during, and after each clinical encounter.
  • Empower providers with "Business Intelligence" to effectively achieve targeted outcomes, cost savings, and business growth.


  • SMILE: We bring a positive attitude to everything we do.
  • SOLVE: For us, "it" is not an issue, it is a problem solving opportunity.
  • SHARE: We see sharing as a way to enrich ourselves.
  • SIMPLE: We strive to enhance other's lives by making things easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to conduct business.