Can Hurt Your Bottom Line
No-show rate is 23% without the use of any reminder system.
- NCBI, National Institutes of Health
87% of American adults own cell phones and three-quarters use Text.
- Pew Research

Your Automated Appointment Reminder Solution

Comprehensive. Non-intrusive. Highly Effective.

Step 1

Picture of patient getting reminded to complete intake forms online.

Patients are reminded to complete forms ahead of time.

Step 2

Picture of patient confirming appointment on smart phone.

Patients are asked to confirm appointment a couple days in advance.

Step 3

Picture of smart phone with Google map directions

Patient receives same-day reminder with GPS navigation to the correct location.

  • High configurability around timing, reasons, and content
  • Mobile-friendly process with no typing required
  • Non-intrusive unlike phone based reminder systems
  • HL7 based integration with scheduling systems
  • Cost-effective solution that dramatically reduces no-show rates

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